We support significant connections between global trends in innovation in education, and the most disruptive ideas for improving lives. 


Accelerate learning

This initiative promotes the development and implementation of remote tutoring as a cost-effective tool to accelerate learning in the new normality and take a chance on the educational recovery of the region.

Spotlight in 21st Century Skills
in Latin America and the Caribbean

This call aims to identify effective models for cultivating 21st century skills, also called transversal skills, in students by looking for innovations in learning from the region

Habilidades del siglo XXI en acción: Ciudadanía digital y proyectos Wikimedia

Esta convocatoria tiene por objeto fortalecer la alfabetización digital y proyectos Wikimedia desde una perspectiva de habilidades del siglo XXI para reducir las brechas de contenidos, aprendizajes y conocer sobre los proyectos enfocados en la ciudadanía digital.

Schools and training systems need to effectively prepare children and youth with the #skills21 required to thrive in life and the future workforce.

We work with partners around the world on identifying effective models for cultivating these skills in Latin America and the Caribbean.