A new social, economic, and political order is being globally reconfigured.

Citizens currently face an uncertain environment, where rapid technological, migratory, demographic, climatic changes and, pandemic such as COVID-19, are taking place. There is an urgent need to boost and accelerate the development of relevant skills.

This will enable the region to capitalize on a complex reality and rapid changes in order to transform quickly and positively.

Are we ready for the future now? What are the key skills 21st century individuals must acquire? How can we reduce inequality and achieve prosperity?

In response to these new challenges,
the IDB launched the initiative:

Our launch event

The event was attended by leading international experts and organized in collaboration with Virtual Educa and Parlamento Latinoamericano. The Coalition was also launched at this meeting, which promotes the development and strengthening of #skills21 that seeks to support the implementation of a new generation of education and training policies in Latin America and the Caribbean.

  • Palabras de Bienvenida - El Futuro ya está aquí

  • Facundo Manes - Neurocientífico

  • Tiempo de reconectar nuestros cerebros

  • Andreas Schleicher: LAC Transversal skills in the 21 century

  • Lo que no se mide, no existe

  • Lo que no se certifica, no te hace empleable

  • Programas para desarrollar habilidades del siglo 21: CIUDADANÍA

  • Programas para desarrollar habilidades del siglo 21: DIGITAL

  • Programas para desarrollar habilidades del siglo 21: EMPRENDIMIENTO

  • El futuro ya está aquí. Mercedes Mateo (BID)

  • Palabras Maruja Gorday de Villalobos (Ministra de Educación de Panamá)

  • Entrevista: Richard Culatta y Andrea Escobar

  • Entrevista: Sylvain Kalache (Holberton) y Marcelo Cabrol (BID)

  • Entrevista: Danny Gilliland (Hundred) y Elena Heredero (BID Lab)

  • Entrevista: Ben Nelson (Minerva University) y Carmen Pages (BID)

  • Entrevista Paola “Wera” Kuri (Futbolista), Fernanda Piña (Futbolista) y Pablo Picon (BID)