The power of curriculum to transform education

July 2022

A World of Transformation: Moving from Degrees to Skills-Based Alternative Credentials

Jun 2022

Behind the Camera: Creativity and Investment for Latin America and the Caribbean

Sep 2021

What Technology Can and Can't Do for Education: A Comparison of 5 Stories of Success

Jun 2020

Spotlight Report on 21st Century Skills in Latin America and the Caribbean

June 2021

The Future is Now: Transversal Skills in Latin America and the Caribbean in the 21st Century

Oct 2019


Traditional education is not enough to prepare people for rapidly changing labor markets, challenging environments, and increasingly diverse societies. To fill these gaps, non-traditional actors have led new trends in education and disrupted the markets.

Scholas' Approach
to Engage Youth

Nov 2020

Global Alumni’s E-Learning Revolution

Jun 2020

Minerva’s Co-Op Model: A Pathway To Closing The Skills Gap

Oct 2020

Descomplica and Effective Remote Learning

Dec 2020

Deep Learning: Transforming Systems to Prepare Tomorrow’s Citizens

Dec 2020

Holberton's Scalable Education for the Digital Economy

Feb 2021

Coschool's Edumoción Centering The Emotion in Education

Mar 2023

 Laboratoria’s Agile Learning Model

Nov 2023

The Power of Music Education: Unlocking the Talent of Latin American and Caribbean Youth

Sep 2023


The Skills for Life Series introduces more detailed information about different transversal skills we have prioritized. In this series, distinguished education experts and professionals share their insights and knowledge about each transversal skill.

Aprender a Aprender

Jun 2020

Lifelong learning

Oct 2019

Digital Skills

Mar 2021

Stress and Brain Development In Early Childhood

Apr 2021

Social Skills for Inter-Ethnic Cohesion

Apr 2021

Digital Literacy

Jul 2021

Fostering Critical Thinking

Oct 2021

Fostering Creativity

Oct 2021

Media Literacy and Critical Thinking

Jan 2022


Mar 2022


Jul 2022

Skills for life: A review of life skills and their measurability, malleability, and meaningfulness

Aug 2022

Measuring 21st Century Skills in Latin America and the Caribbean

Jan 2023